Pain day

Hello all,

Rather than sitting here screaming to the point that people think the house is haunted, I thought I’d share with you some yarni goodness.

Stash digging
Not knitting, I know.
Decreases for a shoulder strap

That’s about all I have for now. I have to get ready for the next meeting. Huge hugs.




Hello all, here are a few of my wips as knitting season is in full swing.

Scrap shawl. Whatever little balls of leftovers I have handy.
Cotton bag. Going to be a hobo bag from the bottom up.
Another cotton hobo bag.
Phone bag, I think. I am addicted to the center start squares.

There are a couple more wips, but they are in the car and it’s very cold out. I am really too lazy to go rooting through the dark for a yarn bag in the middle of the night.

3 meeting day tomorrow, so I won’t be putting up much till Monday.

High Blood Sugar

Being Diabetic has good days. Today isn’t one of them.

I woke at maybe 11, and went to a meeting right away. After the meeting, on arriving home, I didn’t feel well so I tested my sugar.

It was 497. I’m treating it now, but am so frustrated. This just isn’t fun or fair.

Life goes on. I’m going to lay down for a few. My sugars are now under 400. I will keep trying.