icord potholder on a knitting loom

I have a double headed icord knitting loom. The side I am using is 5 pegs. Mainstay yarn, acrylic. I am using backstitch to sew it together as I knit.

The goal is to have it be about 10 inches in diameter for holding my skillet. Note: If you whack a piping hot skillet on these, they will melt together. However they usually will not start on fire.

I make about 1 to 2 of these per year as they get stained or lost over time.

Hope your night goes well. May the New Year be a blessing to you and yours. Hugs. -L


Attack of the killer UFO’s


Crap. I’ve been spending the last hour or so organizing my knitting tools. I have a big project bag for UFO’s. And they are evil.

Totally freaking evil. There’s the Pi shawls from heck. They were supposed to be done quite awhile ago. Then there is the project I started yesterday. The potholder made from i cord. Then there is the meetings shawl.

A meetings shawl is a memorized pattern that I can do while focusing on other things. It’s in crochet, and is a triangular granny square. Sighs. It’s still in progress. Though I found another skein of yarn for it.

The there is the other Pi shawl. The 10 stitch potholder, the slipper socks, the afghan, the sewing projects, the yada yada yada….

I love knitting and crochet. I love spinning yarn. We won’t talk about the spinning wheel lurking in the garage until I can get more room in the main house. Where am I going to find more room?!? I love weaving, thankfully, that’s a table top loom. I love sewing, and and and and………

Sighs. I’m a little overwhelmed, but several stitcherly projects are now settled in on my bed. I don’t have room for them anywhere else right now. I better get back to cleaning.

Hope your day is a good one. -L

Sewing project

I’ve just finished another sewing project. I made a pocket.

Big enough for my phone and keys.

The fabric is a generic cotton fabric, and the lining is a felt cotton. The inner lining is hunter green. The thread is coats and clark black. It took about 2 hours to make. The strap is a leftover from a purse I never use anymore.

The reason I need a simple pocket is that in the wheelchair, I can’t often reach my keys. I want to be able to have my phone as well. It can sit on my lap or under my shirt without anyone knowing that it’s there.

Rather than using fabric to cover the cut opening, I used zig-zag stitch on my Brother lx9817 machine. I’m happy with the project, and the pattern was basically an outline of my hand outstretched to the limits of my fingers drawn on a piece of scrap paper.

For a simple project, I’m happy. -L

How a journal helps the end of year inventory.

Hello all, good morning. It’s time for the end of year inventory. What do I mean by that? WTH? Chuckle. Yes, I do a weird end of year inventory thing. Something that helps me to learn more about who I am and why I do what I do.

This isn’t exactly recovery related, I have tied it into my step work in the past, but in this case, I use it to put the year to bed. By going back in my journal, I look at what I have learned. I also look at what didn’t work, what worked, and also my mental and physical health.

This year’s inventory… I go back month by month. I re-read my journal, and see what the major events of the year were. I look at how I handled those events.

Some, I did really well, and wouldn’t change a thing that I did. Others, I screwed up royally. I ask myself if I still owe amends in those cases. I also look at what I could have done instead.

This involves an overhaul, I suppose. But then again, that’s okay. I want to be a better person the next year. Since I live one day at a time, I don’t do resolutions. However, I do work on trying something different.

Looking over my life, I actually wish I had done more inventories over the years. I regret not doing the footwork then, the way I do now. I’m not perfect, and am far from it. However, over the last few days of this year, I’m working on my own inventory.

Huge hugs all, take care. -L