A benevolent despot

I’d like to think of myself as a benevolent despot rather than a tyrannical ruler.

I love Monopoly. I have for decades. Once electronic versions became available before computers were a thing, I played batteries dry many many times. Then apps became available and holy crap…

The world was good and even better again.

I love strategizing, scheming, and trading. I love sucking up all of the available houses to make an opponent sell their hotel down to base nothing in order to pay a $200 railroad rent. (I must have all of the railroads.)

Last week, I purchased Monopoly on the play store. I moved to android 2 years ago in October, and holy crap… I was rusty. It took several attempts to become my normal despot again. Some of the optional rules were different, and even the cards had changed.

Yet, in my evil heart of hearts, my beloved game hadn’t changed that much. I used to wind down after a stressful morning with some simple coloring game or brick breaker. Now, a 20 minute session with the dice and hotels just makes the morning right.

Sighs. Think of me what you will. I only play computer opponents, and only in my spare time.

Hugs, -L