I just wanna stay home

Hello all,

I thought I was done writing for the day, but I think I had better “Put the day to bed”. Before I hit the sack. 
Hubsy and I had to go to town after all. 
We were in a tornado watch at the time, but his cell phone charger stopped working. 
We went to Verizon, and after an hour wait, a lovely young man helped us not only fix Hubsy’s problem but helped me with something as well. 
After, he had to pick up some things and we had supper and came home. I made Dad’s supper and Dad and I chatted for an hour then it’s back to the camper for the night. 
I take diatomaceous earth twice a day now, and I am almost ready to increase the dose one last time. It has helped my belly so much that I feel a miracle has taken place. I also use it to treat a rash that I get every year, and so far it has decreased in intensity and size. 
Next week, I have lots to do. Monday is more Garden work. Tuesday, is laundry day. Wednesday, I have to clean the house. 
We will see what happens. Have a good night. 
Louise Ann Benjamin 

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