Saturday on the farm

I slept in this morning and it’s just after 9 now. 

Today is butchering day. My Brother called me to wake me up a few minutes ago and I have to get to work but thought I would do another one of those all day posts. So here goes. 

Didn’t want to touch my iPhone when we were butchering and I am sure you didn’t want to see pictures of it or me and the family working at it. There are feathers all over the yard, and I am whipped. Dad is down in the garden and I am resting for a bit. 
I planted the lilies from yesterday and I am in desperate need of a shower. Hubsy is too. We may go to town tonight for him to grab some city food. 
City food is a problem for me. I get sick from it more often than not. However I do crave it occasionally. With Hubsy bringing it to the farm, it’s a temptation and a garbage producer. 
I don’t know how the bread came out. I haven’t had any yet. I haven’t eaten anything yet today other than two mini donuts. I am still off my feed from the butchering. 
Later I may eat, but I carried live birds over and put dead ones in the fridge. My stomach is not up for the task of eating yet. 
I doubt I will write more today so I will get this posted and hit the showers. 
Louise Ann Benjamin

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