Standing room only

Good Morning,
I’m settled into the entryway on the farm. I have my standing desk on wheels holding the laptop up, and I’m having my first pot full of coffee. I say pot full, because my favorite coffee cup is a “Cubby’s” 64 oz cup that holds one pot of my favorite french press coffee. It keeps it warm, has room for sweetener and creamer, and I can top it off with a little cool water so that I can drink my coffee through a straw.
I’m almost out of special blend coffee. I need to pick some more up, but it’s crunch time here on the farm. I have to save every penny I can for the next couple of years. I’ve decided that I want to be completely debt free by my 50th Birthday.
I’ve also decided that I need to have strange things like brake pads for my car, don’t worry, the horn still works.
In working on the farm, we are frugal, but I want to take it ten steps further. So, I’m going to become one of those auction house rummage salers I was complaining about. We are going to start with the stock in hand, and work our way up from there. There are a few auctions coming up, but I’m at the point that I really need to just make as much money as possible.
So, I’m getting ready for a rummage sale.
Our living room and dining room are currently standing room only. I want to change this so that there is room for our furniture that we need to keep in there. My bedroom is standing room only… you get the drift.
So, other than on days when I work for my relative, and Sundays, I’m going to be working on the rummage sale work.
Today is a perfect example. I am doing the computer work to get the rummage sale started. Since it’s lovely outside, except for the rain, I’m going to be working in the entryway for a bit. I can smoke and compute at the same time.
My priorities are this, get the computer model done, get the budget taken care of, and do the physical work inside as much as I can. I do need some supplies, but those I can pick up on my next trip into town.
I am going to be busier than ever, but that’s okay. I have a few ideas, and I hope that this really takes off.
Dad got the mower working yesterday, so I can start mowing out here early next week. I want to get as much mowed down as I can.
Meanwhile, the pressure cooker chicken from last night was wonderful, and I’m going to do it that way again.
Lastly, Hubsy and I are trying to work on some things. We will see how it goes.
That’s all for now,
Louise Ann Benjamin