Night Edition

Hello all,
It’s almost 10 pm, and I’m sitting in front of the laptop again. I almost feel decadent for the ability to just sit and relax here. At any rate, I just feel good.
However it’s been an interesting evening. I have been down with a bit of a stomach bug, and there isn’t much I can do right now. It started this morning with a bit of “uh oh” and progressed to a bit of pain etc… I took my medicine for it, but it’s definitely still there.
So, what I did was take care of the critters around noon, and just did as much as I could. It’s one of those days where sometimes even a little bit at a time is progress.
The temps got back into the low 80’s again today. It stays in the 70’s in the house, but it’s definitely time to implement the shut windows policy during the day. At night, we open the windows up in order to cool the building down. In the morning, we have to close them, and just keep the house as locked tight as I can keep it.
The house maintains temperature pretty well, and for that I’m grateful.
Spent most of the day on the internet, doing a little research, as well as working on my book. No, this isn’t the only writing I do, and yes, I do hope to publish some day. I’m turning it into a job, and it works for me. Maybe someday I’ll be a household name. This year, well not so much.
I’m just grateful that folks are willing to take a look at the blog occasionally.
I did sit down with some yarn tonight until the mosquitoes and I had a swatting battle. While it did sprinkle for a few minutes, it didn’t do enough to knock the mosquitoes down. Drat and double drat. The flying infidels are just plain evil and mean.
Oh well, Life Gets Teejious, Don’t It.
It’s a part of life on the farm. This year, the bugs are bad. Maybe next year, or the next, there won’t be as many. In the meantime, there’s work to do.
I got a phone call today, and I am glad she called. I found out that my Dr’s appointment isn’t until the 6th. Ugh. So, while it is a good thing, it kinda wrecks my plans a little bit.
I Dr in Minnesota yet, and I was hoping to get groceries over there, as they are a little cheaper and tax free. However, waiting to purchase till the 6th throws a wrench in some of my plans. I put several things on hold on the grocery list until I can afford them.
That’s how it goes. Putting some of these things on hold just isn’t going to work very well. There are definite necessities of life.
I’ve been so poor in the past that I used cloth diapers as my monthly necessity before I had the change of life. Thankfully, we aren’t quite at that point now. However, coming up there’s a huge mess from the County getting shoved down our throats.
I’m not ready to talk about it here on the blog just yet. However, when I know more, I will let you know.
That’s all for now, have a good night,
Louise Ann Benjamin


Afternoon Edition

Sitting here listening to some good Country Music here at the farm. Dad’s in Garretson, helping out with the cleanup. I stayed home just to keep busy here on the farm. I have so much to do, but Music seems to be about my speed here..
I received a phone call this morning, and it sent me for a loop. I just can’t think or deal with it yet, so I’m doing what’s in front of me to do.
Listening to “I Hold On” right now. I’m at the point that anything sounds good. I’d learned years ago that if I don’t listen to music, I get really out of my mind. I was raised on Kenny, Marty, the Statlers, Dolly, Willie, Waylon, Johnny and Kris. Merle and Hank were given to me with my baby bottle. Music, while I can’t sing a note is in my blood, more so than red and white cells.
Sundays, after church, with Dinner in our bellies, and Music on the record player are among my favorite memories. Music helps me laugh, cry, grieve, and live. It just is the way it is.
Pain is another thing Music just helps me with.
For years now, I’ve been in constant pain. There are days when the body just says “Oh hell no!” I’ve spent many hours curled up in bed, because of the pain. The music, helps more than any of the “magic pills” the Dr prescribes.
What I listen to depends entirely on my mood. Today, it’s breakup songs. Later, it may be get up and move your tail songs. It really depends on what needs to be done.
In other news, break is over, so I’ve got to get back to work.
Have a good afternoon,
Louise Ann Lathrop

Morning edition

Good Morning,
It’s almost 9:30 here on the farm. Dad’s up and ready to get to work here, and I’m not quite dressed yet. I have quite a bit to do before we head to Garretson this evening to help out.
The sun is shining, and Dad is listening to Roseanne Cash on the record player. His music collection is quite eclectic. Although in the Summer, he has a hard time drowning out the birdsong coming in from outside.
Actually, yesterday, I spent quite a few hours outside on the deck listening to the birds. My body said, “Hit the recliner” so I did. We have a geriatric recliner that I bought at an auction out there that is water proof. It’s my go to place when I am in pain. I don’t dare move it into the house, or I wouldn’t get any sun at all.
I’m naturally as white as a sheet or a refrigerator door during the winter time. In the summer, I’m quite freckled, and my arms have the traditional farmer tan. My legs are still pale, but that’s the way it goes.
I’m going to be working inside though today. There still is so much to do, and we are having the family out on the farm here this Fall. I want the house to be not pretty, but comfy. It’s a lot of work, but that’s okay. Everything from washing and re-gluing wallpaper to organizing and cleaning the basement needs to be done.
I’m not sure yet who is all coming, but the family is huge, so I’m going to be prepared for the onslaught.
Other than that, I have to get things cleaned up and ready for the freezing and preserving season. I know why they did Spring cleaning in the old days, it was to clean the house after being shut in all Winter. However, I’m a little odd. I want the house cleaned to be ready to be shut in all Winter.
Can you tell I miss Winter?
Yesterday I got bit by probably 20 mosquitoes. Yes, those demonic little bugs that leave large bumps on the arms. It was bad enough that I looked on Amazon for repellent. I’m allergic to most repellents, so we will see.
I also have to get the camper cleaned out this week. After the chaos and distraction of the last few days, I still don’t have it cleared, and sometimes I need to head out there to grab a few things. Not good. So, it’s going to happen.
I haven’t been heading to Sioux Falls lately, and I probably won’t until the work in the house gets up to speed. There is laundry to do yet, and I’m at the point that I have got to just get the work done.
So, why am I sitting here and writing with everything that needs to be done?
I have scheduled my day around the writing.
That’s all I have for now, I’ll bring you up to speed tonight.
Louise Ann Lathrop