Bread Day

We are down to the last loaf. I was too tired to start it last night so I am behind the wire today. 

Actually I feel behind everyday. 

I took this at Falls Park Sioux Falls on Wednesday. 

Yesterday we lost another hen. I’m not doing well with this. It’s time to butcher, not make turtle bait. Oh well, looks like heat stress did it. Yes the birds have water and food. I just don’t like losing them. 
In other news, the ticks are horrible this year. I’m definitely not feeling the love for the blood sucking arachnoid vampires that crawl. I treat the dogs, constantly. The little vermin are everywhere. 
I’m finally over the natural remedies crap with them. I am ready to go chemical. Ugh
I killed a bunch of these yesterday. It was fun. I tackle these when I am angry or stressed. I was stressed yesterday.  
This morning’s post is disjointed and totally screwed up. Sleeping in the camper just isn’t as comfortable as I wish it was. I’m at the point that I am half asleep most of the time. I want a solid week in my own bed. However moving the mattress out there is not an option. I don’t want it to smell smokey and I don’t want to share a twin mattress with the Hubsy. Selfish of me I know. 
I’m still pretty wiped. Till later. 5AM
I ran to town to help with this. 9 AM

Another case of plan plans… Have the bread dough at home in the pan rising. 
Will post more later 
3PM. Roadside assistance rocks
I got back to the farm really late. Had to run to town. Dad needed motor oil. I needed these. 
All the gardening I have been helping with rubbed off on me. 
We next went to the auction house but there was no joy. Next, we headed to the nursing home Uncle Jerry is at but he wasn’t home. He was a busy man and on the move. 
Finally I dropped Dad off at his appointment and ran my errands. First was the dollar store, for tick collars. Last was the bread store. I picked up animal feed for the chickens. 
I am waiting for Dad and thought I would wait nearby at a familiar place. 
I once wore a plaid skirt here. Fond memories. I won my first writing award here.  

More to follow. 


I found a shady spot to wait, and I gotta too much soda in my system problem. The car is about 90* out here. Yes the windows are open. Some fool walking threw a large empty chip bag on the ground. Yuck
The squirrels are playing and I tried to get a picture for you but they don’t sit still long enough for me to shoot. 
Hubsy just asked me via text to throw something in the microwave for him. The funny part, I ain’t even there. Oh well. 
Till later. 
9:22pm Supper is over and the men are fed. I’m tired, but I finally have the bread in the roaster. In 2 hours, I can pull it out and fresh bread will be made. In the meantime this is what Dad and I have been up to. 
We went to Parker SD, to my Aunty’s rummage sale. We brought home memories and treasures. I love my Aunties. We sat and talked for a bit and then had to hit the road because it was 90 miles before supper. 
Unloading brought tears to my eyes. Aunty S is moving this fall, and I love her. I don’t want to lose her. 
She gave Dad a special present from her and Uncle Bill. I can never repay the look in his eyes when he put it in the car. It is a gift without measure and I am so grateful. 
Tomorrow is butchering day, and we have a lot to do. I will do another post tomorrow. 
Love you Aunties!
Louise Ann Benjamin