120 miles already this morning

Good morning 

I have been up since 1:30 this morning. My husband got home sick during the night and wanted to go back to town. So, we loaded up the Dodge and hit the road. Weak coffee, a half a pack of smokes and 60 miles of interstate made the trip easier. I’m still somewhere on I90. At least in my head. 
I will probably end up sleeping in the camper yet tonight as I don’t have time to move everything back to the house. Heck I will probably summer out there. Who knows? 
Dad doesn’t know yet. I had to leave him a note. Gas station breakfast and a half a tank of gas refilled and I am sitting outside work contemplating whether or not to head to the gas station down the road or not. 
Looks like not. I have time for one more smoke then I need to get to work. Take care,
Louise Ann Benjamin