Honey, it’s hot out there

Hello all,
It’s over 82 and climbing out there. I have the South and the West side of the camper closed up, and I’m running a swamp cooler in here. Thankfully, it’s only 80 inside. I’m sitting here with sleeping bags covering the South Windows, blankets blocking the Western windows and separating the living compartment from the cab.
What’s a swamp cooler?
In this case, it’s one of my aprons soaked in water hanging just in the blowing path of a fan. With the Northern windows open, it gives a cool enough breeze that at almost 12:30 PM I’m relaxed and happy in here.
I planted trees this morning, and I have more to plant just after sunrise tomorrow. I’m planting a tree line to the South and Western corners of the farm. These are fast growing Silver Maple trees, and I’m hoping in a few short years, that the farm will be blocked from the view of the road in that direction. I’m planting these trees far enough from the road so that the County jerks can’t raise a quibble about it. I have probably a hundred more to plant yet.
Have I mentioned that I hate the County jerks? Yeah, it’s like that. The jerks went after Dad, hounded him for years, to clean up the property, calling it a nuisance… The thing is, within 3 miles, there are properties in worse condition than this farm was at its worst.
I digress. The County can kiss my kitchen scraps.
Meanwhile, I have lots to do inside today, There are dishes to get caught up on, and laundry station to set up in the basement. I promised my Aunty when she gave me a washboard to do a video of my doing the wash with it. There is a small problem. My camera man went home yesterday morning early. Crap. So, I’m going to have to set up a rig to do the videos myself. If I’m doing all the production on the video, then I want my laundry room set up completely. Ugh. So, we will see.
Thankfully, it’s cool enough in the basement that I could technically get to work on a hot day like today, but I just want to relax for the moment. I’m enjoying the solace and serenity of the camper.
Yesterday, at about 1:30 in the morning, I woke up and found out soon after that I was bringing Hubsy back to Minnesota. I got back to South Dakota and pulled up in front of my work at 6AM. We worked from 6:15 AM to 5:30 PM.
What did we all do?
Well, there were heirloom iris to plant. Then there was watering to do, We then broke out the pressure washer and hit the back deck. I also put together a glass table for the back deck. After that there was using the power blower on the garage carpet, and a break at 11 for Dinner. Dinner was McD’s. After a bit there was pressure washing the garage carpet, then scrubbing it. Also pressure washing the front deck, and a little bit of the driveway. Then the back side walk got a wash, as well as the fencing a bit. Her “people” small little statues, snuck out of the playhouse while we were working, and hid in the flower garden. They are such cute little buggers, I couldn’t help but smile as they hid here and there amongst the flowers.
Setting up the garage for company was next, and finally a little bit of geekery.
Keep in mind that there were lots of 5 minute breaks in there, as well as quite a few water breaks. The day flew by. For those of you worried about my disability. I lifted nothing over the weight of a carton of milk. The heaviest item was dragging the hose around, and that was mostly dragging.
The geekery involved a call to tech support, and that took eons. So, I have to go back and finish the geekery work tomorrow, early before the heat hits.
The Dodge has 2/55 air conditioning, so it’s going to have to be as early as possible, probably at 7, since I have to get those trees in the ground. It’s a case of fixing the horn cause the breaks don’t work with the Dodge.
I would post pictures of the garden I work in, because it’s amazingly beautiful, but I don’t have permission to do so. I want to maintain the privacy of the Lady I work for.
After I returned home, was a quick chat with Dad, and I hit the sack. My body was screaming at me in several decibels above that of an air plane taking off, so that seemed the best option. My fingers sure have been hurting, so it’s time to get back to the knitting and crochet as soon as I can.
The problem? Knitting and Crochet have to play second fiddle to the work at hand. So, I just need to make the day last longer.
Speaking of the work. The chickens are fine. The rabbits are fine. Dad’s ok. I’m going to take a siesta. Have a great day!
Louise Ann Benjamin