Before I get out of bed

This morning, I type from the camper. It’s theoretically one of the last mornings I type from the camper with my Hubsy and Beamer asleep next to me.

I couldn’t sleep tonight, it’s been 3 hours of sleep, and I feel like vomiting. However to quote the Queen song, the show must go on. My alarm will be going off in less than an hour, and I have to unload the Dodge to get ready for work.
So far today I have:

  • Paid the Internet bill for Hubsy’s house in town. This is my responsibility.
  • Paid the phone bill, which was behind, for the last month, and part of this month.
  • Cancelled an order from Amazon, and realigned my priorities there. 
  • Looked at the grocery list, and checked to make sure that the farm isn’t going to be caught without something this month.
  • Double checked to make sure that I have everything we are going to need for the month.
I haven’t gotten out of bed, except for the necessaries yet.
Bo just signaled that someone is driving down our road way too fast, and that they need a new muffler. I agree. From the sound of it, 65mph is way too fast for our little road without sirens going. It also sounded like a truck, which she and I have a problem with. They are just too loud.

Yesterday, I took Dad to town on a Private Errand. While Dad was busy, I ran to the store for Hubsy. Hubsy was craving town food, or city food as I call it. It’s those things that I can’t duplicate on the farm. Dad’s errand took less than an hour, and we were on our way.

Hubsy wanted hot dog buns, brats, chips, cottage cheese (which I could make, and would if we had cows or goats), and sauerkraut (which Dad and I will be making when the cabbages are harvested.)
Supper was a lively affair, with Brats cooking, Ham, for Dad cooking, and the sauerkraut bubbling away. The only problem I had was the hot dog buns. They tasted sweeter than donuts. I realized that bread companies put in sugar to make it taste, but this was ridiculous.

 I guess I’m used to homemade bread, which in my eye has better texture and doesn’t taste like I dumped the whole sugar bowl in the dough. I can’t beat the soft texture of those buns though. I’m going to have to try another recipe. With Hubsy going home, I don’t have to bake again for a couple of days.

As far as the camper work that needed doing: Yesterday I got the water barrel moved. I siphoned water for the lower chicken coop before I started the siphon for the camper. There are 3 rain barrels for the house. The lower two are for the critters, the upper one is for rinsing laundry and now for the camper. Last night I started the siphon on the camper barrel, but it is slow and takes time. The only way to make it go quicker is to carry the water. I’m just too lazy to do that.

I also had a problem crawling over the Hubs in the bunk. Due to medical reasons, he has to sleep on one side. So I put a temporary bunk for me on the one bench. I prefer to sleep with the Hubsy, but crawling over him every time my bladder holds more than the 2 ounces it seems to want to hold is a bad thing. It wakes him up and leaves us both in danger of falling out of the bunk.

I still have to get the office out here, as well as my sewing gear, but that’s a probably tomorrow idea. I want to focus on one small change at a time. To make the other things fit, as I have said before takes removing several things. I don’t want to start grabbing things out of here until I’m sure I’m ready. Moving the office is simple enough, it means that every time I head to the house for something, I schlep a load out here to the camper.

My secret dream though? Is to get my recliner out here. But there just isn’t room for it in this tiny camper yet. I do have permission to move the frame from the green house, and set it up out here. I’m thinking of measuring the area between the camper and the trees. If it fits, it sits. Then, I will cover it with either tarp or tent material, and have an outside seating area for the camper.

I am thinking of summering it out here. I’m thinking that I can keep the windows open most of the summer, and smoke to my hearts content. I can also have the office out of the way of the main house. For winter use, well, I’ll burn that bridge when I get there. Maybe there is a way to move the camper yet, and if there is… Well winter use would be an option.

By the way, as I type this entry, my cell phone alarm and tablet alarms have been going off, letting me know it’s time to get out of bed. I had arranged it so that every five minutes, a different alarm sound would come out of my phone or tablets. It’s the only way I can get out of beds some mornings.

That reminds me, I definitely have to add coffee to the grocery list, we are running out! Now that’s a crisis!

I suppose I had better get my butt in gear. I need to be at work by 6 or 7 this morning. Before that I have to get the car unloaded and reloaded. I also have to go and pay the fuel bill, and top up the tank on the Dodge a little bit. Besides, my legs are starting to cramp a bit from sitting cross legged in bed.

Have a good day!
Louise Ann Benjamin