The dishes

Good Morning all,
It’s a cool breezy morning. Hubsy is asleep in the bunk. Bubby has been out to visit with Bo twice. I have been two the house, change clothes, made coffee, and tried to figure out what to have for breakfast.
If I hadn’t been spayed, the condition of my stomach would tell me I’m pregnant. With no personal oven for any buns to go in, you see how impossible this all is.
I’ve got the office, well the Office, set up in the camper.
Maybe I should tell you more about this camper. What year, make or model this thing is who knows? It’s been out “Summer Home” when the Hubsy comes to visit. The thing doesn’t run, the tires have rotted pretty much, and the linoleum has split in a few places.
The curtains have long since rotted away, and unless I put rat poison in here during the off season, it becomes infested with mice.
Sounds appealing, doesn’t it? I use it as a hard-sided permanent tent. Yes, it needs repairs, and yes, I need to fix up the inside. However with a broom, a bucket of water and some elbow grease, she becomes liveable again.
In order to camp in it, we run Dad’s longest extension cord into the driver’s side corner window. It’s the only power we dare run through this Beast.
For “necessary business” I run water down the stool, by pouring a five gallon bucket of it that I carry from the household rain barrels. I’m thinking of siphoning that barrel to one I’m going to place over here by the camper. I have dug a mini septic tank to make the “necessary business” a little less unpleasant. I also spray down the stool with some special cider vinegar mix that keeps bacteria and other nasties from taking over.
On closer inspection yesterday, I realized that this camper is a permanent structure. It will never move. So, I will have to “fix the horn cause the breaks don’t work.”
I’m thinking of that rain barrel system, and I’m thinking of setting up an awning of some kind. A seating area would be good, one that I put more carpet down to keep the itch weed at bay. The awning is a simple idea, and I’m hoping to get the parts moved today as well as the rain barrel. For siphoning, well, I’m going to need some Dad help for that.
There are a couple of things I do need to buy to make camping life easier here. I need to grab a lamp from the house, with a 100 watt bulb. I need to get a better extension cord. Another necessary purchase, is a wifi extender. I’m thinking in this case, because wifi doesn’t work quite as well where the camper is. I’m thinking a wifi extender would be the “bomb”. Oh, and I’m also going to be installing one of my washtub sinks on the south side of the camper. This is for outside use.
Now, because this is our Summer “Tiny House” I still have some work to do out here, but we will see what happens. If my Hubsy, who is craving “city food” quite badly doesn’t want to stay with me out here, that is fine. This is all work that needs to be done anyway.
I still have plans of using this camper for my outside office. In Winter, because I can’t get the camper moved, this is going to be a bit rougher, but I will cross that bridge when I get to it. The main draw of this camper is for the two smokers in the family, IE myself and the Hubsy. It’s also for an old dog who isn’t allowed in the main house. He has bladder control problems, and I can’t have dog whizz in the house.
I’m a dog lover who is allergic to dog urine.
Lastly, I borrowed an idea from a buddy of mine. She has a five gallon bucket filled with sand for her cigarette butts. We have an old over grown sand box on the property, and I mined it the other day for two ash buckets of my own. It works. For the main outside sitting area under the yard light, I need to get one set up as well.
There are quite a few other chores to be done today.
I need to:

  • Get the clothes off the line, and wash two more loads. -2 hours
  • Iron the clothes washed over the weekend. – 1 hour
  • Feed and water the chickens x 2 -45 minutes
  • Scrub the dishes and clean the bathroom of the main house. -1 hour while I do laundry
  • Move the rabbit hutch to the camper area so I can keep a closer eye on a sick rabbit. -10 minutes
  • Get my cart out of the basement and get it running for between the camper and the house. -10 minutes
  • Bring the first of my knitting trunks out here, and set it up on the camper bench in order to get to knitting.  -half an hour
  • Remove the passenger seat of the camper to make room for more storage. (Did I say that this was a small camper) -Hubsy do this?
  • Start organizing the fishing gear and go fishing. -??? IE take the gear with me and just go fishing, organizing as I go.
  • Make Dinner and Supper for two hungry fellers. -1 hour
By this list, you could assume correctly, that I’m moving into the camper for the Summer. That assumption would be correct. There are a few other things I can do to make camping easier, but for now, the short list will have to do. 
That’s all I have for now, I have to get busy, because time’s a wasting, and I have chores to do. The chickens don’t quite feed themselves you know.
Louise Ann Benjamin