20152606 Evening Edition

Between the mosquito, a computer virus, and the belly it has been a rough day. I’m ready for bed, and actually just got up to grab Dad a bedtime snack. I’m out on the deck, and for now the demonic little bloodsuckers are leaving me alone. 

To bring you up to date. Both computers got a bug through Google Chrome. Since I had linked my machines via one log in, this made the afternoon a living hell. I got the first one fixed, a Windows 8+ model that I haven’t had a problem with yet, I thought. However the fun was just beginning. In working on the second machine I found another bug had attached itself to both. So back to the drawing board. 
It took about 4 hours until I was satisfied that they were clean again when my belly gave me a ‘signal’. I ignored it, because Dad had just gone to the bathroom. By the time he exited, I had grabbed a change of clothes and the laptop I was working on and announced that I was grabbing a shower. About ten minutes later, I was able to relax for a long hot shower and my clothes were in the laundry soaking. I had to observe the scan, so I set the machine on the counter while I was busy. 
My body decided an hour later that it was ice cold in 78* temperature so I wrapped up in a sleeping bag and curled up on the deck with a book. Soon enough I just hit the bed, and again my body couldn’t make up my mind.  It was way too hot. 
My sister called because I relayed the message that I couldn’t make it for tech support work tomorrow, and I finally drifted into sleep. Then not just a phone call woke me, but soon after Dad did looking for his snack. 
No rest for the wicked eh? I’m spending the day as close to bed as I can tomorrow and focusing on getting better. 
I will write more in the morning, take care,
Louise Ann Benjamin 

20152606 Afternoon Update

Hello all,
It looks like my main computer has a bug. Not looking forward to dealing with this crap. So, I have to get it fixed. Dad is in Garretson helping out again. He’s loading up wood at my Brother’s house. I’m stuck home with that stomach bug. I don’t want to get too far away from the farm at this point. I’m hoping to have it cleared up by tomorrow.
It’s less than 80* in the house right now, and that is good enough for me. We have the dehumidifier running in the basement, and I’m hoping that it stays cooler over the next few days. I’m well aware that every time the door opens, new humidity comes straight in. Ugh.
Other than that, I have to get back to work. There’s not much more to report, other than the chickens are okay. Take care, will write more later.
Louise Ann Benjamin

Morning Edition: A call to action

Good Morning,
Today’s edition is running a little late. It’s one of those mornings that I’d rather stay in bed. My abdomen really hurts again, and there isn’t much I can do about it.
The pain is there, but the work is there too, and as my Aunty said, “There are many times I went to work sick and in pain, years, you can do it too.” So that is what I’m doing today.
Today’s chores involve the critters, I have to get the rabbits and the chickens fed and watered. I also have to get the kitchen scrubbed and the laundry done. While the laundry is drying, I’ll be working in the living room.
It’s a time of preparation, and getting the work done is the best way to do it.
Pain is pain. I’ll be listening to Music and Podcasts to get me through. I’ll also be taking breaks as needed. So, that’s where we are at. The work needs to be done/did.
I also understand the if I fall behind, there is nobody else to do it. So it is time to get my tail moving.
That’s exactly what I”m going to do.
Louise Ann Benjamin