Holiday Prep

Morning, time for your cuppa. If you are in the US, it’s likely that you are prepping for tomorrow and Friday. Some of you will be doing the whole family meal, and football. Some of you will be stalking the sale ads, and heading out into the cold to buy quite a few things.

We here at the Anonymous Knitter household won’t. We’re going to hunker down and relax. We will have roast chicken, mashed taters, and stuffing. The days of my cooking a full-blown meal are long since gone.

I have ordered the groceries, and someone else baked the pie.

Hubs and I will settle into our Holiday routine of spoiling poor Duke to the point that he about bursts, and then take our respective naps in front of our separate screens.

We aren’t demonstrative or even snuggly people. We do the best we can, but when traditional holiday get togethers take 3 days of extreme pain to recover, we do our best.

That’s about all for now, take care, enjoy the day. Hugs, huge distance ones. Be safe. -L


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