The purge, October 2021

I don’t do “Spring Cleaning” as is traditional in my area. Instead, I’m work on a month by month cleaning/purge scheme. With my disability, spring cleaning could put me in the grave.

So, here I am, the first week of October, and if I didn’t have enough on my plate, I’ve continued the purge. This month’s purge is sewing patterns. Yes, I actually own sewing patterns. Sighs.

However, these are never going to fit. These are patterns I was given from the mid 1900’s, that no one wants. They are covered by a vaguely musty smell, and just need to go. Most of them are incomplete.

That said, being ‘gifted’ a craft item is a crap shoot. Most of the time, it isn’t within my wheelhouse. I sew for myself, not others. Or the yarn/fabric involved has quite a bit of rot in it.

Usually, those items end up in the dumpster. Sighs. So, rather than having someone haul those items away themselves, they end up here. The purge is ongoing, and will continue.

Meanwhile, the ultimate goal is to be able to park in my garage someday. I want to be able to get out of my car, inside a safe warm garage in winter, and make my way into the house. I want to unload groceries from the vehicle, and not have to go through snow and ice.

I want to be able to get a delivery, open the garage door, and have it come to the actual house. Sighs, the purge continues.

Now, how to keep the Hubs from hauling crap back into the house from the dumpster. -L


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