Practice doesn’t make you perfect, it just makes you better.

Howdy all, Wednesday was a lovely day in Minnesota. I am so happy to get out and about a little, as well as do some chores around the house.

I set up the tent again. I wanted one of my best friends to see it, and to laugh a little as well. It’s so tiny! The seller said that it was a 4 person tent. I’m thinking 4 8 year olds, maybe. My cot, my dog and I will be squeezed to get into it. Chuckle.

Duke and I will be having a full practice run probably this week. We need to be able to have all the equipment set up and able to be used. I want to know ahead of time, what will work, what won’t, and do a cost assessment as well.

Sadly, I have to run to the store as well. I need one more thing and one more thing. I need cordage, and another tarp. I also need insulin. I still can’t believe that this is really happening. But I’ll get it done.

Meanwhile, the tent setup is mostly to build muscle memory. Practicing a true camp means that when I am out on my own, I won’t have forgotten something essential. It also means that I won’t run into as much trouble when I am on my own.

Taking practice tests, for the driver’s exam is also another way to get through. I’m currently waiting for the exam on the 19th. I don’t want to run into problems with the ‘real’ test. So, every day, I do a few practice runs.

Recovery, knitting, all sorts of life habits and events need practice. When I first started knitting, I was so tight, that after a row or two, you couldn’t force a 2nd needle into my stitches. Now, I’m much better at it.

Life works out that way.

Huge huggage all. Will have a report on how the camping practice went tomorrow. -L

Late night update: Hubs approached me in tears today. Can’t go into what is happening on the blog, I ask that you please pray for him. Thank You.