Yawn, stretch, morning

Hello all, currently listening to a history of King Henry I of England. It’s boring enough that I don’t have to pay full attention, but the voice of the narrator is lovely. It’s part of the reason I listen to documentaries, the voices are soothing, I don’t have to pay close attention, and I can relax and do other things.

This morning, I’m going to be setting up a mini camp in the back yard as soon as the sun rises. I want to work on setting up a ridge line, and work on the special knots I’m going to be needing. The one thing I won’t have is the exact layout of the campsite I’m renting next weekend.

So, I’m going to have to set up an adaptable ridgeline. I also won’t have the car to set up as a wind break in case of storming. The forecast at this point is favorable, but at this juncture, I’m working on practice.

What I’m working on this morning so far though, is passing that dratted Minnesota Class D test. I have only one more week to prep for it. Minnesota’s class D test is the hardest in the nation I’m told. I’ve failed it once already, last year. That was definitely a shame.

In other news, I’ve been organizing sewing supplies. I currently have them spread willy nilly through 3 containers. That doesn’t even begin to cover the fabrics. I also need to get the knitting gear and such organized. Sometimes a project takes a different type of needle, or a certain shape of hook, and holy crap am I doubled up or even have more multiples of hooks and needles.

Then there are the sewing and stitching wips. They certainly aren’t in order. I need to work on getting those organized and figured out. In other words, to avoid something that stresses me to no end, I will make great progress in other areas. Chuckle. It’s always the way.

It’s not possible, but if I were ever to inherit an ungodly amount of money, or win a lottery…. I’d have this house torn to the ground and rebuilt. There would be 4 rooms added. Hubs and I would have our own bedrooms. I’d have a separate office and craftroom. There would be a living room. We would have a real garage. Then, there would be 2 main level bathrooms.

Our home has 4 rooms now that we can’t use, as they aren’t on the main level of the house. There’s an upstairs bedroom and an office area. There is a basement bathroom, and main room. We currently have our bedroom, my craft room and office crammed into the living room. If this house were ever rebuilt, I’d have an elevator installed as well.

Oh well, I’m not about to go out and get a lottery ticket, and I don’t wish to inherit money as that would mean that someone would be passing away that I don’t want to lose.

These are just random thoughts, hugs, take care. -L