Brain freeze would be an upgrade. At least then you get ice creamy goodness.

Morning all, yesterday I woke up with one of those headaches reminiscent of a hangover without the perks of drinking. Heck a brain freeze from an icecream sandwhich would be an upgrade.

However, crap still needed to be done. I had 3 shipments coming in and I had to schedule the test for my Minnesota Driver’s license.

Bringing in the packages, I was entertained. One of the boxes was the biggest emvelope I’d ever seen. What they did was flatten a box completely and stick the tent in that. The box was as tall as I am, 5’8″ and the tent is a popup. Chuckle.

The second box was a foldout cot. It and the tent will be tested today to make sure that they work together. I also have to make sure that the van is cleared out and the camping gear is organized.

The third package was sewing gear for Dad. I didn’t open it yet, because it is a duplicate of something I’ve ordered for myself before.

Meanwhile, the call to Minnesota DMV was interesting. I was on hold for 30 minutes. The call itself took 2.5 minutes. Considering that we are still in the pandemic, I figured that was pretty good. I worked very hard to make sure that the agent Toya didn’t suspect that I had a migraine. The appointment is coming in 2 weeks.

I’m hoping that I pass, and I will keep studying and taking practice tests in the interim.

I then took the prescription version of migraine meds, shut the lights off, put on noise cancelling headphones and went back to bed. This warrior decided to try to live life another day. The nap was worth it, and after drinking a couple of liters of water, the headache was toned down to the point where sound no longer was a punishment from the gods.

Take care all, bug you again tomorrow. -L


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