Fictional addiction

I’ve long been a fan of a famous Victorian consulting detective. Doyle’s character has a strange fascination for me, and was part of my love of logic and thinking. Of course, I am not alone, there are many many fans of Mr Holmes, and we all find enjoyment in his antics and skills.

My kindle library and my audible library are filled to the brim with stories and pastiches on Holmes and Watson. Even the podcasts I have listened to long term are all about Holmes and Watson. However, since the Sherlock series is on probably permanent hold, I’ve been forced to branch out.

Long before Sherlock hit Netflix, I have been a fan of the consulting detective. Even before my own drug addiction took over, I read avidly, and often his stories. I am fascinated by applied science, and using scientific methods to arrive at conclusions.

Modern Sherlocks, crime scene investigators are my heroes. The police, have my total respect. I am so grateful that they saved my life not once, but twice. But then again, that’s a story for another time.

In my own addiction, I never continued to follow my fascination for science. I wanted oblivion. I wanted to never wake up again. Like Sherlock, there were times I shut my brain down with drugs in order to deal with the mundane boring aspects of life.

However, Doyle, I’m certain wasn’t an addict like I am. He covered so many aspects of an addict’s personality, and long before the 12 steps were a reality, gave my favorite character a semblance of recovery before recovery was a thing.

Today’s writers give a toned or watered down version of Mr Holmes’ addiction. I doubt many of them have been on the front lines, going to jails and treatment centers. I doubt any of them have known the slow dying of craving a drug. I doubt they know of the obsession of the mind that we live with.

That was the part of addiction Doyle got correct. Sherlock’s addiction with the obsession, compulsion shown either through his cases or drugs is very apparent. I don’t know whether to be ambivalent about Holmes’ addiction or not.

What brings this on is a book I am reading about a fictional sister of Sherlock and Mycroft. Addiction is rampant in the book. However, the sister doesn’t delve into opiates like the brother. I’m enjoying the read, it is fast paced, and the main character becomes injured seriously during her adventures with Miss Holmes.

Yet again, the drug trade comes into the forefront, and the atrocities of England’s opium trade in the Orient are brought to light.

The devil, in the form of addiction has been around for centuries. Not even the most brilliant minds can get past it. Legislation can’t stop it. Police action and science aren’t strong enough to end the hell millions have and are going through each day.

I wish it were as easy as the writers of fiction make it. I really do. Then no addict need ever die from the horrors of addiction.

Then again, if it were that simple, life wouldn’t be the way it is.

Needless to say, I better get back to my book. Just a rant. -L