What about the knitting?

I know, I know. I’m the anonymous knitter. I’m sitting at my desk, and it’s cold and yucky outside. There’s no excuse right?

While I was camping, I was in my own zone. Yes, I had the project bag with me. However, I was so focused on living that I had no time to knit.

Then, I got back, and was more focused on being and doing. Then there was the pain day from hell. Even meetings take 2nd place from pain days. Knitting also takes 2nd place.

What brought this up is a pouch that a stitcher and embroiderer on youtube made. It was a hussy or housewif. I caught myself thinking, why can’t I make one of those for knitting notions. I’d opened the walmart app, and found some gorgeous silk fabric. Then I stopped cold.

I have fabric. I don’t need more. If I am scrounging for money to do this and that, I certainly don’t need silk fabric.

I have stitching projects that are due NOW. A few shawls, a dog jacket, and a few other things in the sewing front. Sighs.

I’m going to be stitching over the next few days. I better get my knitting work done.

Note: there is a hussy or housewife or housewif in my future. Just not this week. Sighs.