Sunday afternoon I switched sites.

Hello all, am writing this from the driver’s seat of my van. The tablet is propped against the dash, yes, the vehicle is parked and the motor is off.

While I felt like a critter in the zoo for awhile over the weekend at the campground Note: Never camp in a cities exercise area, had I only known…. I had a fun time. I’m relaxed, and ys, I hurt like heck, but I’m okay. I’m on the farm waiting to pick up Dad.

This will never be my home again, and I am okay with that. The changes made here are important, but I’m not a part of this anymore. I gave up that right when I gave up the opportunity to inherit a portion of the property.

That’s a story that doesn’t need to be told here.

Anyways, lovely views at the campgrounds, the trains were awesome, and I totally had fun. I’m going to explore other campgrounds in the area next year.

Hugs, will bug you another time. -L

Note: I pre-write most of my posts, so this coming up on a Tuesday morning may seem a little weird, but it works out for me. That way if I have a pain day, or go camping, the blog is still covered. It’s something I did back when I had a podcast.