But you have rights!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Yeah, yeah, I do, I know. I also pick my battles, and this isn’t a hill to die on.

I’m a huge for personal rights. Yet, temporing my enthusiasm is often needed. Rarely do I have to ‘speak to a manager’ becuase of this tempering. I weigh the situation based on how much time and effort needed as well as potential outcomes.

Here is today’s instance. I want to go see my favorite band. Venues have a limited amount of handicap accessible seating and accomodations. It’s reality. All around the US, there are HA facilities for folks like me. Yet, most venues sell tickets to concerts and other entertainments on a first come first serve basis.

My favorite band is touring again. Sighs. Finding a venue that they have on their roster, with available seating, which is within 100 miles of my home is impossible. We aren’t talking about cost, we are talking about finding available HA seating. Others got their tickets before I could do so. It’s simple, there aren’t enough HA seats available.

The venue does not have to change in order for me to enjoy my favorite band, speaker, author etc.. I can still buy their cd’s. I can still listen to their music. I can still read their books. I can still watch them on tv, and from the comfort of my desk.

What I can’t do, is call a venue up and ask them to pull handicap seating out of their arse.

I can’t demand anything. It’s not now, nor will it ever be my ‘right’. I don’t have the right to demand my wishes be met. That’s what they are, wishes.

Sometimes, more can be done by being active and attending the functions I truly can, in a method that is possible within my limitations.

It’s a compromise. I just choose to pick my battles.