Yawn, stretch… Ahh.

Morning all, Just settled in at the patio in Worthington. It was certainly nice to sleep in my own bed. I’m still working on emptying the van from the weekend.

I figure as I need things, and work on it, the van will be emptied. It’s actually how I loaded the van, so in reverse, over a few days, it will work.

I feel so much better. I’m thinking to break the back of old man winter, I may have to schedule a couple of days away at a hotel somewhere. Just to be, and relax and do.

I passed my Minnesota Driver’s Exam today. The license will be on it’s way within a month or so, and I’m excited about it. I felt rude trying to and failing that test before. How could I tell someone I sponsor to do the right thing if I wasn’t doing exactly that?

Other than that, there’s not much to talk about today. I’m doing okay. I’m working on behaving, and life is still good. The only crisis? The house is too stinking warm with the furnace running. Sighs. I will get over myself. The hubs needs to be comfortable. -L