Farting dogs who snore and tents

The same dog I’ve slept next to since 2016 is a sweetheart. He is a love bug, and must snuggle at any given moment. He has definitely stolen my heart, and deservedly so.

However, whatever is in his food gives him gaseous emissions. Copious gaseous emissions. He also snores. Sleeping in a large bed with fans blowing on us most of the time, I don’t notice this. Maybe that’s my fault.

However, when Duke and I share a tent that is almost the same size as a full sized bed…. a tent in cooler weather where the windows are kept shut. A tent that is low to the ground… A tent that I barely fit a camping cot into….

He farts.


We didn’t last the night together. We had to bail for the house. I just couldn’t take it anymore. Sighs. -L