Cooking, not grilling on a grill

Campfires are a little hard from the wheelchair. I can get down to the ground easily, to light a fire, to play in the dirt, to lay there until someone picks me up after a fall. “Did I do that?”

Getting up, not so easy. As the geese called overhead, I sat here thinking about how I adapted to make my camping adventure less “Oh crap, now what.”

I figured, to cook, I’d need a heat source, and one that I could control from the chair. I picked a fifteen dollar mini grill on short legs from sprallmart. It looks like a kettle grill, but it’s easier to get to without frying myself or setting the woods on fire. I bought 2 large bags of charcoal as well.

I learned that being frugal with the charcoal just means longer cook times, and no cooktimes in the cold. It got down to the 30’s at night, and in the mornings there was a frost in the field acrossed the river from my campsite. It was a bit chilly. Getting water from just at freezing to the boiling point meant that I needed more fuel. It also meant that I’d sit here with chattering teeth waiting for my coffee.

I used simple camping pans and such, which were a birthday gift from my beloved shuggie lump. My only regret, not having my shuggie lump to shiver next to in the mornings. But the cold would set him back, and it would take him too long to recover.

I also learned to dump things out of the cans when I cooked. I had bought a couple of those meal in a can soups. There was something that I scorched in one of them by cooking in a can. It wasn’t tasty.

Huge hugs all, tried to add a pic with this post, but it’s either too early for my brain to figure out, or I just can’t do it.

Hugs, -L