Cooking outside, and continuing to use my camping gear.

Hello all, the hubs needed a day to himself, so I decided to spend the day outside. My little ohuhu camping stove got a workout, and I spent the whole day outside. It made sense, simply because it’s still warm enough to be out and relaxing.

My tiny stove does work with charcoal, and I’m using up the bag that I brought with me. For larger meals, I have my little grill, but for something quick and simple it’s just not needed. I have a hot cup of coffee, and Dinner is heating up now.

Over the winter, I will slowly increase the items I have to go camping with, and I will adjust/adapt what I have so that I can be more comfortable.

Some adaptations I need to make is to get/arrange a portable restroom. Walking quite a ways to the facilities is not an option. I have a few ideas, and it will work. Meanwhile, I need to organize a list of camp sites that are semi/handicap friendly. I may have to get a state park sticker next year. We will see.

Meanwhile, lunch is almost ready, and I need to eat so I can grab my knitting and relax under the trees.

All is well in the world. -L