He did the dishes and made coffee

Morning all, I am gobsmacked. I woke up to Young Master Duke snuggling me, but his fur was damp. I knew immediately that my beloved had let him out. It’s been raining overnight, and Duke was dry when I laid down.

I grabbed my speaker and cell phone, and headed to the necessary. I luxuriated in a shower, and really enjoyed it. I smell like powders, and a little perfume. Heck I splurged. I put on my favorite dress. Note: This is also my only garment that shows cleavage. I wear it with a shawl when I go out. I wanted to feel female.

On entering the kitchen for the morning cup, I saw a note on the dishwasher. Um, he had done dishes. Who is this man? To do a load of laundry, means he had to roll the loaded machine over and hook it up to the sink.

I did let Duke out to go potty while I boiled water for my tea. He also made coffee for me. Um… wow. He couldn’t fill the machine yesterday. I was flummoxed, and grateful.

He is my Shuggie lump, and I know for a fact that he did way too much, but I am so proud of him. I love him.

Take care, please, my friends. Take care. -L


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