A slightly newish addiction

Morning all, it’s a lovely day in the neighborhood. Hubsy is as well as can be expected, and Young Master Duke is being an angel pupper.

I just swilled another can of soda. Normally I don’t drink soda or pop at all. However, since my beloved’s surgery, I’ve been downing it like it is coffee. Sighs. Yes, I have certain abdominal issues. Yes, this is absolutely stupid of me. Ergo, I file this under addiction, or the list of things I do that will probably be fatal.

Current drink of choice is Sunkist Orange Zero Sugar. I would grab a diet Sunkist Orange back when I was mostly in store shopping when I needed to wet my whistle and was craving sweets. Yes, Diet Dr Pepper is still a favorite, but you know.

I have a dark history with Sunkist Orange. Well, to be accurate, with orange soda. Back when pop was what we called everything soaked in sugar and carbonated, I was a cute kid called “FAT LADY” by the step-monster. I looked like I had worms I was so skinny but I digress.

She would on rare occasion buy us some pop, but kept it in the trunk of her car. One hot summer day, she let my brother and I know that she’d bought some and to get it from the car. We could have a can for bringing in the groceries. I was probably 7 at the time.

It’d been sitting in the car for hours. I’m estimating that it was July, and out in the country, there was no shade for this vehicle to sit under. The cans were hot to the touch. She insisted we have some.

Both of us got violently sick from it.

I stopped drinking pop for quite awhile afterwards.

For those of you not in the know, my step-beast was a being without a soul or a bone of sanity. Sighs.

Meanwhile, I have made my peace with soda, even if it causes me to have abdominal discomfort, and fart like I’ve had 3 beef and bean burritos followed by a bowl of cauliflower. Chuckle.

Hugs my friends, I’ve learned that the pain of the past doesn’t control me. That witch has absolutely nothing to do with me in 2022. While I am sure one of my siblings stalks my blog, the witch can suck it. Stay petty my friends. -L