Another cold or is it

Morning all, it’s a lovely crisp fall day here. The fellas are having a moment. Young Master Duke is sitting next to my husband, who is not so subtly giving him treats from his plate. At least he was the last time I went past to get this cuppa.

A couple of days ago, I started coming down with what I thought was a cold. The sinus, stuffy nasty ick was the hint, or so I thought. So, I spent a day or two recovering, but I didn’t notice that my symptoms would get worse after drinking from my jug.

I keep a jug of water with a straw at the desk. I’m not alone in this practise, and I rinse it regularly. When I opened it to refill today, I realized that I don’t have a cold at all.

It had mold in it, under the rim, and on the straw. I’ve been allergic to mold for over 20 years now. The jug is currently in the dishwasher, waiting for the load to be done.

Please, my friends, check your water containers. Wash them frequently. I know that by tomorrow, my symptoms will be gone.

Take care my friends, please. -L