A cuppa

The house is quiet, it’s lovely. I have a small breeze coming from the window, and while I hurt like he’ll it is peaceful.

I’m working up the energy to load the dishwasher. I need to empty his urinal, and I need to sweep the floors.

I am sitting with a cuppa. It’s amazing how a cup of tea can make everything just okay. Sometimes, a few moments, stolen from the obligations…

I think I will just sit for a few minutes longer. I deserve it.

Camping prep

Morning all, I need something to look forward to, and so I am planning an away camping trip.

I have the dates planned, and this time, I will be gone for a week. I just have to have hope. I’m just hoping that with the physical therapy I can do better than the last few times.

So, here’s the plan. Experience has taught me that some of the equipment I have isn’t quite right. So, I’m going to grab a couple of small things. The biggest thing is a replacement sleeping bag, and a little gas stove thingy. I was to be able to boil water quicker and safer.

Next, are simple survival things. Over winter, I spent most of my time organizing, acquiring, and sharpening. I need to be able to cut wood. So, an addition will be a bow saw.

Other than that, I will be ready to go. I will vary some of the food items I will be bringing, but hey, I like variety. My beloved bought me a cook set, a little different than the other ones I have. It’s a nice one, a bit bigger than I expected, but it will work.

So, that’s about it. I just need to get my body ready to go. That will take a little time.

Hugs my friends. My husband is getting himself in and out of bed. I’m forever grateful, and for right at the moment, we are okay. -L