Powering off the phone

I shut my phone off tonight. I realized that I spend too much time on the damned thing, and need some time away from it.

My husband is getting a bit better. He is doing more for himself, and for that I am grateful. We aren’t out of the woods yet, but he is going to be okay.

I start physical therapy tomorrow afternoon, and am not sure how to feel about it. I know it is necessary, but I also know how much more it is going to hurt in the short term. It’s part of life.

Other than that, it’s been a quiet day. Instead of running all over heck and back getting things done, we spent the day at home. There’s more time for that type of thing another day.

By the way, I ended up yelling at my husband. He did something he asked me to do for him, 5 minutes after he asked me to do it. Sighs. I guess we are back to run when he requests sheet again.

I better go, take care, have a good night. -L


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