Car Wash Adventure

Another late night post. I have to rearrange a few things in the car yet, and grab a shower. Then I will take another nap.

Today, I filled the tank, and washed the car. Um, it was a mistake. You see a few were in line behind me. My car window was stuck open, and I didn’t want to make anyone wait. I grabbed the blanket I normally sit on in the wheelchair.

I covered the window opening, and ran through the wash. It was interesting.

A clean blanket, a clean car, and a somewhat waxed left arm later, I was finally able to close the window. Sighs.

Gotta love driving older vehicles. Life is interesting. Stay safe, my friends. -L


For some reason, I want to go fishing

Morning all, hope you are well. We will be leaving at an eye bleed hour of odarkthirty in the morning. The van is ready, and the gear is in. I have my new satchel, and it is ready to be packed.

I love watching Pete over at 1822 MC Adventures and more on youtube. You can find him 1822 MC Adventures and more by clicking the link. In one of his recent videos, he did a fishing gear review of a kit he took with on his latest adventure. Holy crap, he fit the kit into a canteen case.

I haven’t gone fishing in years. Part of it is the wheelchair, and another part of it is the gear I left on the farm. I don’t have fishing gear anymore. Yet, I think with a kit that small, I could possibly work it. I’d have to learn left-handed casting, because my right shoulder just can’t do that motion. However, I have hopes.

Meanwhile, today we are going to rest. Over winter, I will look into a minimal fishing setup, and hopefully be able to go fishing in the spring with Young Master Duke at my side.

Take care, my friends. -L