The case of the missing journal

Morning all, Young Master Duke is being the sweetest of puppies. My beloved is starting to do a tiny bit more every day for himself, and we draw ever closer to doomsday here. By doomsday, I mean the dreaded hour I start physical therapy.

I’ve mentioned more than twice that I am slowly moving the dungeon into the garage. The goal is to give my beloved and I some breathing room. Basically, the goal is to have 1/3 of the living room open, and to give both of us room for wheelchair usage.

The one tool I have used for decades is my journal. I CANT FIND THE DRATTED THING! Okay, deep breath. It’s in the dungeon, it and its companions are in the dungeon. I didn’t toss them in a fit of cleaning pique.

However, I’ve looked in all of the usual places. I’ve looked in all the unusual places. Sighs. It will show up in the move. I just….

I know, I’m focusing on one tiny thing to avoid looking at the big picture. I learned to do this as a child. Old defense mechanisms still work, but I often take them too far.

Some day, I promise, I will learn how to pull my head out of my tail. Just one day at a time. -L

Post Script: I found the dratted thing. I remembered the last time I had lost it. I had put it in ‘the first place I should look’ as per Adam Savage’s first order accessibility rule. FFS!

Hugs my friends, I swear, I will continue to lose my mind for your entertainment. -L


Hello all, sorry no update last night. I actually snuck out for a bit. My beloved was feeling well enough to be unsupervised, so I hit a couple of meetings.

I didn’t get home until after 10, and Young Master Duke desperately needed the necessary. I let him out, took care of my own business, and grabbed a sandwhich.

I hadn’t back to backed on meetings in quite awhile. I hit the first one in town, and then yeeted myself and wheelchair in an odd direction for the 2nd. I’m glad I got to get out.

I’m inspired to scrape through the literature again, and to delve deep into the recesses of my feeble little grey cells.

So, my brain is mush, I’m still awake, and need to feast on more input. Thought I’d drop you all a line before I dive back in.

Take care my friends, hugs. -L