Writing fiction

Morning all, the fellas are behaving. I think. Maybe? Who knows. Young Master Duke is sprawled at my feet. My Beloved is watching something on Youtube, and muttering away.

I’m actually getting ready to crawl back into bed. Still enjoying the effects of traipsing my happy arse to hell and gone the other morning. Okay, to be blunt, I hurt like heck. It’s part and parcel of living.

I’ve been doing some short stories again over on another forum. I’m not good at conversations in short stories, and I really have to work on it. You would think with the hundreds of thousands of books that I’ve read, and even my years of writing that I would have this down pat.

I screw the pooch every time. I need to keep on plugging away at it. There’s a huge difference between the writing I do here, and story writing. I even have books on how to write. Um, they are still in my TBR hoard.

Another doom pile to get through.


I’ll keep plugging away at it. I’m nowhere near ready to publish anything for kindle. That’s actually the goal. To one day have my books available to read for the public to download in kindle unlimited.

Sighs, I will get there. Someday.

Take care my friends. -L