Not enough coffee

Morning all. The Mister is demanding again this morning. It’s part and parcel of the whole marriage thing. Young Master Duke is on the edge of my bed, wanting attention. Shortly, I’m going to crawl in with him and catch a nappage.

I’m still working on the loom knit thingamie in between helping the hubs. I have no clue what it is, other than a comfort in stress.

This morning, I woke, grabbed his urinal and headed to the necessary myself. I could tell he was doing some more for himself while I slept, which was a good thing.

Last night, getting him in and out of bed, I did an oh sheet and I’m going to be hurting again for awhile. The good news, I start PT next week. The bad news? Sighs. He knows that when I help him, I’m going to be in severe pain for a few hours. We can’t get home health aide people. It’s what it is.

Meanwhile, he was a bit demanding this morning, and I went and sat down for awhile. I’m still here, at the desk. I’ve made sure he has tea, and his urinal. I’ve checked on him, and he has snacks. I even gave him a good morning happy banana (they are still fowl evil things.)

We will be okay. It’s just going to take time.

!Hugs my friends, take care, I love you. -L


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