Loom knitting

Morning all, writing on a break between tantrums here. We are back to the whole man-cold stage. I have no doubts at all that he is in pain. I also know that he needs to get up and do or he will be stuck for the rest of his life.

Meanwhile, I have some knitting looms. I don’t often use them, as I also have other knitting toys to play with. Yet, during this time, when I have to be able to get up at a moment’s notice, the loom works great for my needs.

I use a cable needle as the pick, and I currently either have a pouch or a sock on the loom. We will see.

For those who naysay loom knitting, bite me. I get a knitted item at the end, and no, you can’t tell the difference.

The sets I own are a hodge podge of looms from all over. Some were scrounged, some were store bought. I can make everything from socks to shawls on the silly things. Sometimes, just zoning out going round and round in circles helps.

On that note, somebody is ranting in the dining room, and I better refill his coffee. Take care my friends. -L


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