A wee update

Morning again all, I have been writing more ‘usual’ blog posts for the mornings this week. But thought I’d give you a bit of a mini.

This one is on coffee. Since his surgery, he can’t stand long enough to make coffee, so I have been doing it. We ran into a snag with the first pot.

Welp, I like my coffee darker than my former step-mother’s soul. He likes his weaker than an herbal tea. He wasn’t expecting to have to use a fork to chew his first cuppa I made him after the surgery.

He is doing small things for himself. Which is a good thing. It goes in fits and starts, but it is a beginning.

We had the war over the dishwasher. Apparantly, I don’t overstack the machine to the point that nothing gets clean. It still needs to be run twice, but this time in separate loads.

He is still doing the mansplaining, but last night he thanked me for helping him. Small things help.

I suppose I better get the dog out, he’s the dog right now. A blog post on Thursday explains what’s up.

Hugs my friends. -L


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