We are snuggled in the kitchen

Hello all, Young Master Duke and I are listening to music in the kitchen. Our kitchen is almost tiny house sized. There is no room to maneuver around, especially in a wheelchair. Yet, Young Master Duke and I are fine.

When this house was built, the kitchen was designed so that everything is less than 3 steps away. The sink is reachable from both the fridge and the stove. 2 adults barely fit standing upright in it.

That said, my beloved is resting. So, to help him rest, Duke and I are enjoying close proximity to the coffee pot, and I can reach down and give him belly rubs while he sits next to me.

Since my husband has misophonia, we don’t often listen to music, Duke and I. However, I love most music. So, it’s a very special treat. I have my phone playing a classical playlist softly in the background, and we are good.

Heck even my headphones are getting a much deserved rest.

Little stolen moments, like this one, are treats for Duke and I. Living with someone who is challenged can be a trial, yet I’m not convicted in this situation. We adapt.

Okay, I listen to quite a bit in the car at full volume when I can.

Take care my friends, please enjoy a little stolen moment of joy. -L


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