Adventures in ordering groceries

Hello all, hope you are well. Husband and I still have the siege.

He approached me today and asked me to have groceries delivered. Um… The only place that delivers in our community is the one that is higher than a cats arse in prices. They screw up orders and etc…

So, we are having groceries delivered. Per tradition, he kept interrupting me when I was trying to make the order. Per tradition, I threw in 3 things of asshole tax, because he kept bugging me.

I figured if this virus is going to kick my butt, I better be happy while it is doing so. I added black olives, braunschweiger and pnp loaf to the order. Screw it.

So, I ended up making the order, and called the store immediately. The individual that answered the phone wanted to cancel our order when I said that we need it to be contactless as we have the virus. I yelled. I said, “NO!” I didn’t swear.

She passed me on to the person in charge of online ordering, and I explained that the delivery has to be contactless, and why. We are selfish and don’t want people to get sick.

So, we will see what happens. In the meantime, I’m tuckered, rice is gourmet right now. I’m going back to bed.

We will see what tomorrow brings. I need another cup of tea after this. Sighs. -L


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