While the males in the house sleep soundly

Morning, another day when it’s o’dark thirty, and the boys are sound asleep. Duke has already sung the song of his people, and is busy taking up my whole bed because, you know it’s still a little warm from my leaving it not too long ago. I think he does it so I get my arse to work, and not lounge about all day reading books.

Silly dog, I don’t lounge ALL day, I do get up to grab another coffee or to go to the bathroom.

Renovations on the living room are currently stalled. The men saw to it, by sleeping the morning away. I can’t dig through boxes for bits and bobs while the fellas snore. It would be rude. So, instead, I’m settled in with a 1 liter mug of tea, and I’m listening to a biography of Shakespeare.

I wear headphones almost the day through. The Hubs has misophonia, and the background noise of even this would drive him out of his tree. (There are days that that is a short fall for him.) Am I a little miffed that he can listen to whatever he desires while I wear headphones? It doesn’t bother me anymore. I just make him buy me new ones when the old pairs slowly die off.

Here’s the plan of attack for today. I have to finish an 18th century pocket ofr one of my girls. This is the 2nd pocket I’ve made for her, the first, well that crashed and burned. I would have to rip out probably half a million stitches and restart at this point. It was just easier for now, to restart from scratch, and fix the mistakes I made.

My other daughter is getting one as well. I just have to get the fabrics cut, and start stitching. She’s not as into crafts as my younger daughter is, but I can’t tell her no. It just wouln’t be fair. I also need to get a few shawls that are stalled evaluated. It’s time to kick them into high gear.

I fielded a phone call this morning from a knucklehead. It was from my insurance company. They wanted to do an in home inspection. Um what? No way in hell will I put my husband in danger for some beurocrats to come in and inspect the house and the yarn stash.

I confess, I went off. I ranted and I lost my cool. They call 3 and 4 times per week to encourage me to do this that and the next thing. This is a medical insurance provider. In October, I’m switching companies, because this crap just has to stop. I am done being stalked by busy bodies who need me to conform to their ideas of invasive providing of my medical insurance.

FFS, I don’t want or need that much. Give me my insulin and other meds, help cover my Dr appointments, and take care of my scheduled proceedures. That’s it. Don’t screw with me, don’t bug me, don’t call me without cease. I don’t want to be bothered.

Okay, I’m a little hot about the knot heads calling. I just take a dim view of stalkers harrassing me multiple times per week, especially since it is an insurance provider. They can go suck eggs.

Hope your day is well, take care, -L


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