Leave of absense

Afternoon all, this is one of the hardest days today. Today we were told the my husband might not survive a surgery that if he doesn’t get, he will die.

So, I will be using pre-written posts from now on, until he either survives and hopefully recovers, or I am a widow. There’s a log of them, I’ve kept in the background you know.

We’ve been together since 2003. We’ve have a great time, and then again we’ve lived apart. It’s not been easy. But, he’s my Hubble, my Shuggie Lump, my Hubsy, and I can’t imagine what the next few weeks will bring.

We will know in a few days when his surgery is going to be. Please, God, help us. -L


Life is still good

Morning all, I went out and about last night. Here are my adventures.

We need to start with the day before yesterday. I bleach my hair, I enjoy bleaching my hair. The day before yesterday was the first wash after the last bleach job, and I used again the recommended conditioner in my hair. Um… it ended up frizzier than it has been in almost 35 years. No. So, I washed it again yesterday, put in my normal conditioner (a leave in product) and what a difference. I put it up in braids and was happy.

With the new Dexcom G6, I didn’t know if I could shower or not. Some medical devices are twitchy. So, I waited. Thank Goodness, the company called, and I was able to ask that one silly question. You see, I’m wearing a bluetooth device with part of it embedded in my flesh. I didn’t want a tens style electric arc happening.

The rep stated that I could even go swimming for up to half an hour with the thing on. Um, didn’t know I would magically learn how to swim with the device on… hmm. Nevermind, I thanked the rep, had a smoke, and took a shower.

The whole taking a shower thing, due to disability takes an hour. I sit on the side of the tub for some of it. For the part where I need to stand, the rinse… I stand, turn around, and then get back to a sitting position. This allows me to rinse my back, and not leave a swamp on the bathroom floor.

Getting dressed, which is done while sitting for the most part, is another 45 minutes. Working with pain, even with nsaids, is hard. My arms don’t work the way they used to. Yes, I use assitive devices, but it still takes awhile.

Then I head back to the desk, and sit down. Pain by this point is a burning, lightning strike throughout the worst parts. It’s usually wiser to do the shower the day before an outing, but in this case, I’d only gotten the go ahead that same day.

So, for the next 3-4 hours, I rested. I sat and drew. I read. I watched youtube videos. Sometimes all at once, this was accomplished. Closer to the time of leaving, I re-braided my hair.

I then let Duke outside, thinking that the Hubble would be sleeping while I was gone. Crap, it was actually raining outside. I know that if the temps were going to drop, it was going to be an ice slick. Crap. So, I decided I need to go anyway. I packed my bag, and headed out. The Hubble woke while I was letting Duke out and in, and so I was assured, I could stay out an hour longer.

I first hit a fast-food place for a lovely treat. My blood sugar was stable, and so I had a lovely fish sandwhich, and some deep fat fried cheese. The cheese bites were the non! They had bits of jalapeno. 2 noms in one! Nom!

I sat in the parking lot, watched the rain and the traffic, and really chowed down on those bits… I dreamed about them last night, by the way, they were that good. Sighs. I will return one day, for more. The one drawback? The fish sammy. The tartar sauce was too sweet. I yearned for something to cut the sugar in the sammy. Next time, I will ask them to add onion and mustard to the sammy.

Next stop was behind the jail. Once a season, I go to speak at after-care there. Part of the reason for only a once per season thing, is the chronic pain and other issues, the other… I need more time between being exposed to humanity. We laughed, we cried, I puked my story all over the table, it was awesome.

I listened, while my buddy shared, and sat and did my hour of stitching while they shared. I’m in a challenge where I do an hour of drawing, and an hour of stitching per day. I love doing this. It’s my time for me. It’s my time to decompress. Getting stitching done when I am uncomfortable around others, therefore distracting myself without a fidget spinner? Priceless.

Afterwards, I delivered doggy sweaters to my buddy, and gave him a hug. Then I was off to the next stop. The local c-store has milk, butter, eggs and what-nots cheap. I was on a mission. I knew that I was petering out for the pain. I also knew that we were out of milk. My MISSION was for a c-store coffee, with real cream, real flavorings, and decaf. Yes, my dear reader, I will drink decaf.

The stars aligned, behind the clouds, and I got a caramel, hazelnut with a hint of chocolate decaf coffee with real cream… Nom.

I also picked up milk, and a box of donuts, the big jelly-filled ones for the Hubble. There were some key-lime donuts in there I had my eye on. I returned home just in time to watch my favorite twitch streamer, and enjoy the evening with GOOD COFFEE.

Hauling the groceries in, takes 3 trips. Yes, we have a ramp, but I stagger them up the ramp rather than use my wheelchair. By the time the stream was live, I was in tears, and needed some Ibuprofen, stat. Exchanging pleasantries with the folks in chat, I downed the meds, and settled in.

This particular streamer is a good friend of mine. We’ve known each other quite a long time, and I don’t want her to know when the pain is the worst. There are streams she does where I just have to let the stream run in the background. There are times, I’m laying in bed, and rarely comment. I do the best I can, ya know.

Meanwhile, my friend had had a bad day, and I was googling good clean jokes to whack in chat. We needed some bad Dad jokes, I had the key lime donut, (I regretted that, holy crap it was gross.) And life was good.

I ended the night watching my favorite tiktoker, and hit the sack at about 2 in the morning. I’m grateful, so grateful, for a productive long day.

Have a good day folks, Hugs, take care, have something totally nom today. -L