Still not awake yet

Morning, am doing the low sleep thing again. Was up till almost 1 am, and just couldn’t get my tail to bed.

Speaking of tails, Sir Barks a lot, aka Duke is sound asleep on my bed, and the Hubs is still counting sheep. Sighs, I’d feel abandoned by my men, but you know, having the house to myself is always a good thing.

Last night I wrote about repurposing an old tablet case for the current tablet. I’ve also taken to repurposing other things as well.

Back when I was able to get more range time in, I bought two sets of ear protection. The one didn’t get much use, but now is getting excellent purpose in life. The Hubs has misophonia, the whole noise is a torture thing. So, to cover up the sounds I make, he has fans going on in the house 24/7.

The sound of the fans drives me insane after awhile. After years of use, they start sounding like jet engines. I’m to the point that I’ve been living in noise canceling headsets for years. Yet, there are times I don’t wnat to wear one of those. So, I wear my range ear protection gear.

Camping gear. Some of my camping gear gets repurposed during the winter months. I have a 6 gallon jug that lives under my desk. I use a mini cart to haul it to the kitchen for refilling. It holds almost a week’s worth of water. I can on especially painful days just get water at the desk to make my tea, or add drink enhancers to, and enjoy.

First Aid kit, when not in the camping season stays at the desk as well. This makes sure that when I screw up, I have some antibiotic cream and a bandaid. I also have it handy in case the Hubsy can’t figure out where he hid the household first aid kit.

Baskets and cardboard. This is a weird one. I love baskets. I mimicked the dividers from a drink cup holder, and put it into a semi deeper basket. I cut carfboard to fit, and now have a unique pencial holder. It used to be a project basket, but I have other things for that now with the bag system.

8 track tape box set. At one point, when I lived on the farm, Dad had an 8 track tape box set. The tapes were no longer functional, and he offered it to me to see if I could find a use for it. It actually looks like a hinged book set of some kind. I cleared out the dividers, and it now holds my meditation books.

There a filing cabinet I traded someone for when I became secretary. Once I no longer was the secretary, I converted it to a dresser. I have no need for organized files anymore, and I like having an upright compact dresser. Since I don’t have a closet, keep in mind that our living room doubles as the office/bedroom/dungeon, this just made sense.

Dishpans, I use dishpans for plants. Meaning those that you use in the ktichen to wash dishes in. I don’t have to worry about the plants over growing the pans or getting root bound so quickly. I also have a small ladder whih used to be part of a doll bed. This allows my philodendron to climb, and I dont’ have to deal with tendrils all over the desk. The dish pan also makes sure that I don’t have water running when I accidentally over water a plant.

Old apple products. When I switched from ios to android, I didn’t do it all at once. I switched one piece at a time. The iphone, which was scratched to crap was the first to go. It’s now an audiobook player exclusively. My old apple watch, which relied on the iphone was the next to go. I needed a way to call for help if I fell. For some reason, I like the samsung version better. The old watch, is now an expensive stitch counter. Sadly, once the tablets died, only their cases became useful to me for other projects.

I suppose I could use the ipad as a photo streamer, but without wifi, that’s just not of use.

Lastly, I still have my pipe gear. When I would smoke with my Uncle Jerry, we would have a pipe together. I kept all of the gear, and the pipes. The pipe cleaning tools are now used for sewing machine cleaning. Also, since I no longer go shooting, the gun cleaning kit does the same thing.All in all, not bad for an old habit.

There are many ways to reuse things, and sometimes not as much. I hope this gives you some ideas to keep things out of the landfill, and upcycling them for other uses. Take care, Hugs, -L