New tool kit

Howdy, just wanted to share some new tools I have acquired.

Sketch pendils and charcoal pencils with pencil roll. Most are new or new to me.
Colored pencils and pencil roll. The roll only is new to me.

I get it, why when money is so tight, and I have so many other hobbies did I spend the money? I can’t tell the absolute truth on it. I do enjoy sketching, drawing, and painting, but they are not my avocation. I am not an artist. I am just an old curmudgeon that does things to keep my mind and hands busy. Idle hands and all of that.

Hope you have a lovely afternoon. Take care. -L


Camping prep

Morning all, It’s time to start thinking about camping again. Have been putting it off as long as I could, and I can’t any longer. Spring isn’t that far away, and to have everything ready for camping season I have sto start now.

WTF? It’s early February you say? Yep. With a limited income, I have to start purchasing smart and over time. So today, while the Hubs is doing his medical, I’m going to drag the camping totes into the house.

I need to take an inventory on what’s here, what condition it is in, and what I need to replace or acquire. I will wait to look at my tents to see whether or not they are in good enough condition to use. I’ve got to figure out what worked, what didn’t, and what I need to replace or reconfigure.

I also need to plan for the first trip. It’s going to be as was last year, in the yard. I want to be able to ‘run for safety’ if medically I need to do so.

But, I’m out of time, I have to get the car running. There’s a couple of inches of snow over the top of it. I want to make sure it is warm enough to take the Hubsy to the hospital.

Huge hugs, take care. -L