Week in pictures

2/16/22 next skein of the Pi shawl.
Pi shawl in progress.
Almost done with the sunset/sunrise colors
Main body is knit, turn to crochet for the next 20 inches of stitches.
Wasn’t into it, today.
Prayer in drawing.
The snitch at work.

The snitch, and change

The Dexcom G6 saved my life last night. I nap, quite a bit. Especially after I have a big day the day before. I wore my headphones to sleep and watched a couple of youtube videos as I laid down.

Next thing I knew, there was an alarm. It took quite awhile to wake me up. The alarms at first were a part of my dream, and I was so confused. Eventually, I grabbed the monitor, and crap. My sugar was 66 and dropping.

I won’t go into a blow by blow, but ended up with a sugar fo 50 before it started going back up again. I haven’t been very hungry lately, and the amount of food I had to consume, including chocolate milk, to bring it back up, made the next hours unpleasant.

My type of diabetes is a bugger. My pancreas does work occasionally, and once in awhile it wakes up and goes wait a minute, I have a purpose. And then crap like this happens. Other times, I can go over a year without the dratted thing kicking out extra insulin. I take long acting insulin, because a lazy pancreas is a rat bastard, and needs to be flogged.

So, after my sugar bottom, I laid back down again, and waited for the sugar to finish rising. My pancreas is still fighting to drop my blood sugar, and I can’t get it to go over 100. Which isn’t a problem, but it is. I’m really trying to not lose my lunch so to speak. Sighs. I will get by. Thank God for the damned snitch. It saved my life.

Take care, please, and I will bug you again soon. -L