I can’t adult today and other wips

Morning all, I thought I’d bring you up to date on the mischief and mayhem I’ve got in progress.

Cross stitch and embroidery: One I can’t adult today counted cross stitch project. One I can’t adult today embroidery project. Both are for when I need to stab something repeatedly, over and over again. Counted cross stitch is when I need to draw all of the energy out of the chaos going on, and just focus on one thing. The embroidery is for regular stabby needs.

Knitting: 2 different Pi Shawls, still in progress. They are quite heavy, and I should not be shoulding myself over them. They just need to get done.

Crochet: Since there are still cold little dogs and cats in the world, those are ongoing. Small enough I can whack them out in an hour or two, and quick enough with the crap yarn and a size M hook, that I don’t really worry about them.

Sewing: I have the pattern for a dress I want to get finished. Okay, I took the pattern out, and glared at it. That counts right? Really, I’m going to be cutting it out after I get this post finished. Then to the world of piecing the thingy to the fabric and etc.. I also have the bras pattern on the way. I’m going to try to knock a few of those out as quickly as possible, but I’m not going to hold my breath. In the meantime, wearing a tshirt under older bras is keeping the blistering away. I also have a pen roll I want to get done, but am waiting on a shipment of elastic. Sighs.

Spinning: I have no yarn projects at hand that needs any spinning done. I do want to belt up the spinning wheel and get her oiled. I just don’t have room right now.

Weaving: I have to either repair my loom or replace the dratted thing. A good person gave me some ideas, and I’m going to be looking into them when I find the money. Find the money, like it grows under a rock somewhere.

Camping: Camping gear has been reviewed, and I do need to replace batteries on the flash lights and get a couple of external chargers for electronics. I also really want another camping stove, but that’s going to have to wait awhile. Probably after the loom replacement. Studie

Studies: The step studies have been on hold. Partially due to pain. I don’t honestly know if I am going to get back to them right away. I know NA needs a step study. I also know that when I’m in raging vitch mode, nobody needs that kind of snark. I’d end up chasing people away.

Medical: With the shoulders being out of commission, I’m just doing the best I can. Pain levels have been delicious, but I will get through this. Still waiting on some miraculous blood sugar monitoring system. The problem, is that the company cares much more about my insurance than they do about me. Which is par for the course.

I’ve got a blinding headache, so I’m going to go lay down for a bit. You take care of yourself, please. Huge huggage.