I have road rage

Morning all, the fellas are asleep, and I’m settled in with a cuppa. Homicidal urges are still there, but you know, it’s a part of life.

According to Google Maps, I wrove 121 miles yesterday, and was in the car for 5 hours and 14 minutes of that driving. I know it was much more than that, because I made more stops than Google thinks I did.

I don’t like having raving lunatics on the road with me, and by the time I pulled back into our own driveway, I was the raving lunatic. Then my beloved Hubble opened his mouth. I believe the words, “Do whatever the f you are going to do.” at a high volume came out of mine. “Don’t take it out on me…” Were his last words to me.

4 stores, while he was at the Hospital, from a wheelchair. I hadn’t eaten except for minor snackage until 4:30 PM. Pain levels were high, and snaity was a runner. I think I yeeted that out the window with the 15th time he shut the heat off in the car on the way to town.

When we got into the house, I went to the desk, grabbed a sketchbook and scribbled for awhile. Then I finished and crawled into bed. Idiot drivers, too many humans, prices higher than a cat’s arse, and homicidal urges put me into bed yet again.

I’m thinking that the next time he needs medical done, I’m packing a full lunch bucket, a thermos of coffee, and my noise canceling headset. I’m also thinking that my favorite parking spot on the North Ramp is a good place to hide.

A special note to the idgit who was going 40 mph in a 70 on the interstate at dusk. The next time you are suicidal, please don’t do it when I’m on the road. I almost had a come to Jesus moment with you in front of your creator. My dog Duke would not have liked that. He was at home alone while you were being a dumb shit.

Stay off the interstate if you are too stoned to drive the speed limit kids. Have a lovely day. Hugs, -L