Morning all, hope you are well. The males in this house are being themselves. With the add medication, I’ve been given a few gifts.

First, I remembered a phone number from a voicemail that I’d listened to 2 days before. I use the landline in order to connect with medical professionals. I’d gotten sick and tired of answering the phone in odd places and talking about delicate things. So, when I went to call the clinic back, I remembered the phone number. Holy Crap!

Food tastes weird. Chocolate is disgusting, and basically gross. Vegetables taste like grass. Almost everything is more pungent or potent tasting. And coffee, well, coffee tastes really bad. That’s the heart breaker, that coffee… has turned on me.

I have a minute or a half a minute before I react to negative stimuli. I feel the anger rising, but I can push it to the side and focus on what I need to focus on. It doesn’t mean that I’m not angry or upset, it just means that I haven’t been taken over by the anger or the emotions. My husbeast is still an ass. Let’s just say that.

Then there are the other changes, I’m not going through caffeine withdrawal the way I expected. I still drink 1 cup per day. However the headaches aren’t the blinding migraines that they normally would be.

I’m remembering to take my medications. I’m remembering if I have taken my medications or not. This is HUGE! I still mark it down in a tracker. I know I’m in the honeymoon phase of the medications. But this at least for now, means that I will be healthier.

Though there is one more side effect. I’m bored. Chuckle. That means that I can get more work done, I know. Boredom is a small price to pay for a little bit of peace.

Take care all, I will bug you again soon. Gentle hugs, -L


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