Errands and chronic pain

Morning all, Young Master Duke and I are cuddling up in bed. I really overextended myself yesterday. However I had ṭo get out for awhile.

This is your average fibro flare. Life pretty much sucks right now. Yet the things still need to get done. I needed to go to goodwill, the store, and the library.

I picked up some books at goodwill. I needed clothes and shoes as well. I think I did okay for the most part. I’m waiting for some help to haul the books in though.

Then I went to the convenience store. Sadly they are cheaper than the grocery store right now. My husband has been craving ground beef again. While I can’t eat it, he seems to enjoy it. Then there was the bread, milk, eggs and such.

Last errands was to the library. It was the most trauma inducing part of the day. A class of preschoolers was leaving as I arrived. I haven’t seen or heard that many short people in ages.

Panic level went from a base of 2 to 8 in less than seconds. With pain levels where they are, I didn’t know if I could keep going. Yet, I DID IT! I got to visit all the books!!!!

I even checked a couple of them out. I’m so happy. -L