Keyboard mischief

If you have been around awhile, you know that I have a long standing battle with my husband. He doesn’t like noise, but has 5 fans going in the house constantly. For years, I would wear headphones in order to not disturb him as much.

Welp, I also collect keyboards. With the advent of many different devices over the years coming to our home, I’ve always had a few keyboards laying around and about. There is one though, that is the grand daddy of all keyboards, and it is my favorite.

Why? You may ask? Chuckle, back when I first learned to type on an old IBM typewriter, the keys had a certain feel and a certain sound. The typewriter would vibrate a large desk with its rhythmic beats. I miss that old beastie, and yes, I have owned typewriters while living here with my husband.

However, this keyboard, closely mimics the sound and feel of that old IBM. The clack clack of the keys makes it feel as if I am really writing while I work. It’s a beast of a keyboard, and I love it dearly.

My Beloved? Not so much. When he has been going out of his way to be an annoying pita, I use this old horse of a keyboard. There’s nothing he can do about it. I get a small glee in my evil soul typing on this thing.

He’s been connecting to a speaker, and disconnecting from a speaker for about 20 minutes so far today. Repeatedly. I’ve had about enough of the beep and nonsense involved, and felt the urge to write.

Take care my friends, if my passive agressiveness bothers you. Whoops. Gentle hugs, -L

P.S. He knows.


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