Today’s Plan

Morning all, hope you are well. Duke has just settled down, and once again, I’m behind the 8 ball. I’ve got to git my tail in gear, load the Beastie and hit the road. Today is meeting day, and I have to behave.

I’ve got some work to do other than hitting the road though. The plan is to meet up with some folks after the meeting and get some other work done/did. It’s going to be interesting to say the least. I have a friend who borrows me and my car. The problem is that she leaves her crap in the car for a week at a time. I need the car cleared by Monday afternoon. I don’t want to store things for them when I have to use my car to get groceries.

Sighs, hopefully soon enough the crud will be gone.

Meanwhile, I’m giving some folks bad news today. I don’t want to say it, but it needs to be said. I had to tell someone yesterday a few hints about what’s going on. I don’t want to draw a line in the sand, but my heart breaks with what’s happening. We have to make some decisions here, and it’s going to be a rough day.

Meanwhile, I better get going. I have to grab my bag and fly like the wind. Too bad my wheelchair doesn’t work with a broom stick. I’m going to be called worse than a witch today. -L